Deines's Ham Biscuit

OFA Cardiac Clear by cardiologist
PennHIP ...50%
Neutered as of March 2003

Biscuit visiting Nags Head, NC September 2007.

Biscuit enjoying the snow, January 10, 2011.

Helping our neighbor "rake leaves", December 2010.

Biscuit June 2006.

Biscuit  at 18 months old.

Biscuit Christmas 2009.

...Doing what he does best!

Biscuit lounging in the grass after eating his dinner, August 26, 2010...just 2 weeks shy of his 12th Birthday!

...and I swear he doesn't look a day over 10!


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Gruffy's Golden Boy



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Sadie's Ginger of Cliffside
Jackson Ginger
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Chippewa's Golden Gipsy Girl


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Rex Clanton
Missy Clanton
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